Frog Porridge

Frog porridge is the hot thing in Singapore, and if you get there any time soon make sure you try some! Everyone says that "no coming to Singapore, dont know about Singapore Frog Porridge". Street scene Geylang is known for while having the best frog porridge, especially lorong 9 and 11.

Frog porridge restaurants are opened from the evening to midnight. The thick and smooth porridge served with it and scraped my claypot clean from all its thick brown sauce. The kungpo sauce was pleasantly fiery, while the frog legs were tender. Porridge in Singapore always taste very good.

The menu is straightforward and simple. First, decide on how many frogs you want. Next, you can either opt for Fresh Frog Porridge (all in 1 pot) or you may order frog and porridge separately. If you choose the later, there are 2 cooking styles available which is Kung Po (Spicy) or Ginger & Scallions (Non-Spicy). Each frog cost MYR12 and do not afraid cause frog meat taste like chicken but much more sweeter version.
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