Bus in Geylang

Geylang Lorong 1 Bus Terminal is a bus terminal located within the Kallang planning area, at the eastern border with Geylang. Named after the road it is adjacent to, it sit opposite the Kallang MRT Station, and is operated by SMRT Buses, although SBS Transit also operates routes from this terminal.

The terminal design is based on one whereby a small boarding and alighting area and terminal office are located within space largely reserved for bus parking space, as opposed to contemporary interchanges where terminal space dominate. Its location just outside the central restricted zone has part of early bus routings aimed at reducing congestion in the central area by siting terminals at the fringes instead of having a large number of bus routes congregating in downtown terminals. Downtown services were also operated from this terminal. With the introduction of the Park and Ride scheme, the terminal was selected as a designated transfer point for car drivers to park their vehicles and transfer to buses or the MRT.

Bus Stops in Geylang
1. Aljunied Road-.Aljunied Station (B81089)
2. Aljunied Road-.Bet Blks 105/106 (B81099)
3. Aljunied Road-.Blk 60 (B81091)
4. Aljunied Road-.Opp Aljunied Station (B81081)
5. Aljunied Road-.Opp SCN Centre (B81231)
6. Geylang East Central-.Folec Technologies Centre (B81221)
7. Geylang East Central-.Geylang Methodist Secondary School (B81209)
8. Geylang East Central-.Geylang Polyclinic (B81211)
9. Geylang East Central-.Opp Folec Technologies Centre (B81229)
10. Mountbatten Road-.Handicapped Vocational School (B80149)
11.Geylang East Central-.Opp Geylang Methodist Secondary School (B81201)
12. Geylang East Central-.Opp Geylang Polyclinic (B81219)
13. Geylang Road-.Aft Lorong 28 Geylang (B81029)
14. Geylang Road-.Aft Lorong 34 Geylang (B81049)
15. Geylang Road-.Opp Lorong 39 Geylang (B81069)
16. Geylang Road-.Opp Mohammed Salleh Mosque (B80069)
17. Geylang Road-.Opp Pertapis (B80089)
18. Guillemard Road-.Aft Chen Li Presbyterian Church (B80259)
19. Guillemard Road-.Aft Singapore Badminton Association (B81169)
21. Guillemard Road-.Association Building (B80251)
22. Guillemard Road-.Bef Singapore Badminton Association (B81161)
23. Guillemard Road-.Grandlink Square (B81139)
24. Guillemard Road-.Kong Hwa School (B81151)N.A
25. Guillemard Road-.Opp Chung Cheng High (B81159)
26. Guillemard Road-.Opp Versailles Condominium (B81149)
27. Guillemard Road-.Versailles Condominium (B81141)
28. Lorong 1 Geylang-.Bef Sims Avenue (B80269)
29. Sims Avenue-.Xi Xiu Factory Building (B80071)
30. Sims Avenue-.Sims Ville (B81051)
31. Mountbatten Road-.Opp Former Kallang Care Centre (B80139)(No Longer in Operation)     
32. Paya Lebar Road-.Bef Geylang Fire Station (B81129)
33. Paya Lebar Road-.Opp Paya Lebar Station (B81119)
34. Paya Lebar Road-.Paya Lebar Station (B81111)
35. Sims Avenue-.Aft Code 4 Care Centre (B81031)
36. Sims Avenue-.Aljunied Station (B81011)
37. Sims Avenue-.Opp Pertapis (B80091)
38. Sims Drive-.Blk 45 (B80229)
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